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XRHCount – Automatic X-ray SMD component counter

XRHCount - Automatic X-ray SMD component counter

The XRHCount is the leading contactless SMD-counting device using X-ray technology. Seamless integration to all common ERP/MES and traceability system ensure data availability. With a counting speed under 10 seconds per reel the system causes an extreme efficiency boost. Proven accuracy of over 99.9% ensures the correcness of your inventory, which leads to less line-stops, downtimes and material overhead. Image your annual inventory taking being done in a day. Contact us directly on for more information.

- Cycle time less than 10 seconds
- Cloud based type database
- No local training necessary
- Plug and Play operation
- Integrated to all major ERP/MES systems
- Open database interface
- Worldwide local first-level service and sales network
- Accuracy over 99.9%
- Fastest system on the market
- Maximum process safety thorugh single part flow
- Developed and produced in Germany
- Maintenance free
- Fast return of invest (ROI)


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