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X-scan – SeamarkZM X-ray SMD Components/Parts Counter

X-scan - SeamarkZM X-ray SMD Components/Parts Counter

7-15 inch reels, Loose or tightly wound components scaning Support
Automatic counting components on reels, belts, ESD bags and in trays
Automated counting of unknown components
Fast, Easy to use operator interface, accuracy over 99.9%
Cloud and local based AI database
Embedded into all major ERP/MES systems
Barcode scanner and label printer interface
Maintenance free

SeamarkZM X6600 for PCB Assembly Line and BGA Chip , LED IC , Battery, Connector, Aerospace components X-RAY Inspection System.
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Shenzhen Zhuomao Technology Co., Ltd. Specialized in BGA/SMT Rework, Reballing, SMD LED (LED Display Module) Repair, TV LCD Laser Repair, X-Ray Inspection Machine Since 2005.

We design and development of customized Non-standard BGA Rework System in ShenZhen, and also offer private labeling service for OEM clients.

Our SMT/BGA Rework System can rework many types of surface mount components with...


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