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What are COB LEDs? COB vs SMD lights explained

What are COB LEDs?  COB vs SMD lights explained

Review -

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  1. Date: September 16, 2018 at 08:45
    Author: sortedtales

    Another excellent review although the side-by-side comparisons in the dark demonstrating how the 2 types of lights contrast with each other weren't very clear to me, but then again it's almost 2am and I'm falling asleep.

  2. Date: December 12, 2018 at 19:50
    Author: tim rezgalla

    The XLite100 is the best rear light I’ve had and it was cheap as chips (fries)…
    With its cob and accelerometer it’s a brake light and the battery life is very good for such a small unit,also like the under seat mount and the auto wake feature,I have a couple of usb powered Cree LED lamps that light up the night but are far to bright,I only use them if I’m out in the sticks and there’s no street lights but it’s rare. These new cob LED’s are definitely the safest in terms of not being blinding,I’ve had old cat eye halogen lights that were blinders! Knog called one in their range the blinder too lol very apt,I see so many cyclists with lights that are dangerously over bright…
    Good explanation on the differences! ?

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