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Transistors | How do they work? | Semiconductor Explained | Part…

Transistors | How do they work? | Semiconductor Explained | Part...

Transistor: It has brought revolution in electronics. Every electronics device made by billions of transistors. That's crazy. Time to know how ddo they work acctually.

Classifications: There are 2 kind of transistor. By adding extra layer of N-type impurity with P-N junction diode we get "N-P-N" transistor. Alike we get "P-N-P" transistor.

Pinout: Oposite type base and similar type emitter and collector. Base size is too narrow than other so focus more of it.

N-P-N Transistor: In common base circuit u must conncet base-emitter as forward and base-collector as reverse bias.Electron starting flow from negative terminal of the power source to emitter side, its forward bias so electron must move from emitter towards base but base has not enough holes to hold these electrons because of narrow size. That’s why only 5% or less electrons back to the power source. Another 95% or more electrons flow through the collector. We already connect another power...


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