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Transistor circuits

Transistor circuits

Transistors can appear to be complicated but are actually quite easy when you figure out the rhythm. How do you find this rhythm? Watch the video and find out


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  1. Date: December 9, 2017 at 17:08
    Author: Searover Jack

    Are you working backwards? You chose the value of Rb then worked out the current. You didn't decide what base current you wanted (bearing in mind the likely gain), and then choose a suitable resistor. You then needed to figure out a voltage drop across Rc, so assign an (arbitrary) value of 500ohms to get a 19v drop.

    Lo and behold, you've 5v left at 38mA across C-E.

    Were you aiming for 5v and 38mA at the start? If so, why not start there? Or tell me what I've missed. Cheers.

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