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Stanford Seminar – The future of low power circuits and embedded…

Stanford Seminar - The future of low power circuits and embedded...

EE380: Computer Systems Colloquium Seminar
The future of low power circuits and embedded intelligence: emerging devices and new design paradigms
Speaker: Edith Beigné, CEA France

Circuit and design division at CEA LETI is focusing on innovative
architectures and circuits dedicated to digital, imagers, wireless, sensors, power management and embedded software. After a brief overview of adaptive circuits for low power multi-processors and IoT architectures, the talk will detail new technologies opportunities for more flexibility. Digital and mixed-signal architectures using 3D technologies will be presented in the scope of multi-processors activity as well as imagers and neuro-inspired circuits. Also, the integration of non-volatile memories will be shown in the perspective of new architectures for computing. Finally, embedding learning will be addressed to solve power challenges at the edge and in end-devices: some new design approaches will be discussed.

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