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Snap Circuits Parts Spotlight: Sound & Recording IC (U9)

Snap Circuits Parts Spotlight: Sound & Recording IC (U9)

The sound & Recording IC (U9) contains an integrated recording circuit, a dual timer integrated circuit for making audio tones, microphone, speaker, filtering circuitry, and other supporting components. It includes resistors (adjustable and fixed), capacitors, transistors, and diodes that are needed to make the recordings and play all the sounds. Recording time is up to 12 seconds.

TERMINAL LAYOUT (from top to bottom, left to right)
REC: Recording Control
+: Power From Batteries
2TC: Modulating Tone Control
TRG: Main Tone Activation/Disable
2TT: Modulating Tone Activation/Disable
SP: External Speaker Control
2TO: Modulating Tone Output
PLAY: Play Recording
-: Power Return To Batteries
CONT: Main Tone Control

The two knives on the top right can do the following:
Top Knob Controls The Modulating Tone.
Bottom Knob Controls the main Tone Frequency.

The red light is on if you are recording.

This part is featured in:
Deluxe Snap Rover


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