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Snap Circuits Parts Spotlight: Microcontroller IC (U21)

Snap Circuits Parts Spotlight: Microcontroller IC (U21)

The microcontroller IC (U21) includes a PICAXE 08M integrated circuit. This is a mini computer that can be programmed to perform different things, including monitoring and making things happen. The PICAXE 08M has a special programming interface that makes it easy to use. Microcontroller outputs cannot Control motors or speakers directly, an interface transistor must be used. The outputs can Control LED’s directly.

Terminal Layout (from top to bottom, left to right)
S-In: Programming Input
+: Power From Batteries
GND: Power Return To Batteries
4: IN4/OUT4/ADC4
S-Out 0: Serial Output 0
3: IN3
2: IN2/OUT2/ADC2
1: IN1/OUT1/ADC1

NOTE: although the only set U21 was featured in (Snap Circuits XP) was discontinued, this part is still Available on elenco’s website, along with the manual, and the downloads for the software for the programming.

This part is featured in:
Snap Circuits XP.


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