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SMD hot air soldering – 0805

SMD hot air soldering - 0805

In this video, we will show hot air soldering. We will solder SMD parts of size 0805. I chose my board, which has 8 resistors and 8 LEDs.
We will use a hot air soldering station, a soldering paste, a syringe, and SMD parts in a 0805 case. This size of parts is easily soldered in domestic conditions. First we test LEDs. It is advisable to test them before we connect them to the board.
We now take a syringe and apply a small droplet of solder paste on each pad. Drops of solder paste should be as small as possible. Once the solder paste is applied on all pads, we can move all the SMD parts on the board with a tweezer.
Now we take the hot-air station and warm up the soldering paste. The parts do not have to be placed precisely, because after the melting paste, the capillary forces automatically align them to their place. After a while, the solder paste melts and fits all...


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  1. Date: August 20, 2017 at 20:48
    Author: RG

    super videjko 😀 to je super ako sa same zrovnaju

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