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Semiconductors, PN Junctions and Bipolar Junction Transistors | …

Semiconductors, PN Junctions and Bipolar Junction Transistors | ...

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As a topic of study, semiconductor devices offer a unique challenge due to the complex mathematics involved. In this course, we take a more intuitive approach to explore the underlying concepts. Eschewing mathematics, we use engaging animations to help you visualize the working principles of many common semiconductor devices.

Whether you are completely new to the subject or an experienced engineer, this course will give you a different perspective and a new way to look at the behaviors of semiconductor devices.

Reducing the reliance of equations does not mean the depth of the material is sacrificed. In fact, the course provides even more in-depth explanations of key concepts. We shift the focus from quantitatively evaluating the behavior of semiconductor devices to intuitively visualizing the semiconductor device actions.

In addition, the course offers a wide array of content - from basic PN junctions to modern nano-electronic circuit and...


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