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Samsung Dvd Player With 1080p Upconversion, Multiformat Playback

Samsung Dvd Player With 1080p Upconversion, Multiformat Playback

Samsung Upconverting Dvd Player The comes equipped with Anynet, which helps all components communicate and share information via Hdmi-cec (anynet).
An impressive, sleek 37mm design also houses 1080p up-conversion, delivering crisp, distinct pictures and high-quality sound.
Progressive Scan Plus Upconversion Everything's twice as real with Out.
It takes a conventional Hdtv, with its outdated interlacing of data, two passes to display what Full Hd 1080p's delivers in one.
Plays Through Scratches, Smudges, Tilts Whether it's a or finger mark interrupting your Samsung's Defect Disc Recovery Solution automatically makes all the necessary adjustments to a crystal clear so never have to get off the couch Dust Proof playback is smooth and uninterrupted thanks to dust-proof feature.
It actually removes while the is rotating Multiple And File Formats offers a host of including Dvd, Dvd-r, Dvd+r, Dvd-rw, Dvd+rw, Cd, Cd-r, Cd-rw, Mp3,...


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