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RV Solar Q&A Episode 4 – Bring your own equipment or get help wi…

RV Solar Q&A Episode 4 - Bring your own equipment or get help wi...

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In this episode of RV Solar Q&A with Marvin Braun we ask the question of whether or not Precision RV will install components you bought online. Also, what do we think of helping with your DIY project.

The short answer to both questions is no, that's not how we operate. Precision RV builds RV Solar power systems from the ground up. We plan and design your system, order components from manufacturers we trust and have worked with for years, and then install the system for you. Mixing and matching different components can lead to a world of headaches.

And on DIY Solar systems. We've been asked time and again by people who contact us if they can help do the work with us, or they've already installed some components and want us to help with others. Precision RV takes responsibility for your solar system, and our work. If we work on a half completed system and it has issues, who is...


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