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Removing SMD Components with Hot Air

Removing SMD Components with Hot Air

I wanted to reverse this cheap MP3 player and needed to remove a few SMD components to work out where the traces underneath them went. This is a single-take; unedited video (in other words: boring).

The rework station is a generic Chinese 858D soldering rework station. You can find them on eBay for around US$35.

This MP3 player was purchased off eBay for around US$2. Search for "mp3 lcd micro sd tf" and sort from lowest to higest priced and you'll probably find it within the first few results (as of Nov 2018).

The MP3 chip in this player is from JieLi (??) electronics. I believe it's part of the family of chips that I've seen referenced as "AC1082" and "KT2083", but it seems they come in many different flavors with slightly different pinouts and supporting different features (bluetooth, FM tuner, separate battery charging pin, etc.) A search via Google for: [ "ac1082" "mp3" filetype:pdf ] will produce a few schematics that use chips from this family, but I have not found a...


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