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Maxim Integrated MAX77324 Evaluation Kit | New Product Brief

Maxim Integrated MAX77324 Evaluation Kit | New Product Brief

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Maxim Integrated’s MAX77324 Evaluation Kit supports the evaluation and design of high-efficiency step-down converters using the ultra-small MAX77324 buck converter. The MAX77324 can output up to 1.5A at 0.6V to 2V with ±2% voltage accuracy, and operates from a 2.5V to 4.8V supply with up to 93% conversion efficiency. The converter is packaged in a small 6-bump WLP and switches at 2MHz, allowing the use of a 0603 inductor and resulting in a total solution size of just 6.89mm2. The MAX77324 uses a constant-on-time PWM control scheme with an automatic SKIP mode for high light-load efficiency. For more information, as well as all the latest All About Circuits projects and articles, visit the official website at

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