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Maxim Integrated MAX31840 High-Performance LED Driver | New Prod…

Maxim Integrated MAX31840 High-Performance LED Driver | New Prod...

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Maxim’s MAX31840 is a high-performance LED driver for MR16 and other 12 V LED bulbs that enables designers to meet new LED dimming requirements while also reducing cost, board space, and BOM count. This is possible because the MAX31840 integrates a 36V boost FET, constant brightness control, bleeder control, and proprietary circuitry that enables deep dimming down to approximately 1%, which is a significant improvement over the 10-20% of competing devices. The driver is designed for use in boost architectures 35 W or higher. The MAX31840 uses an input-current control scheme for power factor correction and a 700 kHz switching frequency to minimize flicker and has a tight LED current regulation of 2%. For more information, as well as all the latest All About Circuits projects and articles, visit the official website at...


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