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Maxim Integrated MAX30001 Biopotential Analog Front-End (AFE) So…

Maxim Integrated MAX30001 Biopotential Analog Front-End (AFE) So...

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Maxim’s MAX30001 is a complete biopotential and bioimpedance analog front end for wearables, offering high performance and low power consumption. The MAX30001 has high-resolution ADCs for clinical-grade measurements, providing ECG waveforms, heart rate, pacemaker edge detection, and respiration. The inputs have integrated ESD protection, EMI filtering, and lead biasing. It also has ultralow power leads-on detection, large FIFO buffers that provide 256 ms of full data acquisition, and built-in heart rate detection, all of which allow the MCU to consume less power, conserving battery life. The biopotential channel offers a high DC offset range for use with a variety of electrodes and provides fast recovery from overdrive events. For more information, as well as all the latest All About Circuits projects and articles, visit the official...


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