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Master Effects – Scrambler Clone with Boost and BC517 Transistor…

Master Effects - Scrambler Clone with Boost and BC517 Transistor...

A playthrough of the Ampeg Scrambler clone with boost.

This is a reproduction of the classic Ampeg Scrambler octave fuzz pedal with a few differences:

1. the original scrambler circuit and PCB had positions designated for 3 extra diodes but they were never populated. This pedal has all diodes in the circuit. The diodes can be made switchable, or not installed - up to the customer!

2. The original pedal used 2N5306 Darlington transistors. I didn't have any available so i used BC517 Darlingtons. These are higher gain than the 2N5306 which results in a more gnarly, biting fuzz. All of the transistors are socketted and can be easily swapped out. keep an eye out for a 2N5306 vs BC517 comparison as soon as i get those transistors in!

3. The original scrambler had texture and blend controls only. As a result, the output was less than unity gain. A post-effect boost stage has been added to increase the pedal output so it will be greater than unity.

All components used are high...


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