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Mailbag – “Free” ESP8266, Solar Cells, DeSoldering Needles, K Ty…

Mailbag - "Free" ESP8266, Solar Cells, DeSoldering Needles, K Ty...

I seem to have received an ESP8266 that I didn't order! Additionally, I have some solar cells, de-soldering needles, 4066 CMOS switches, a waterproof K type thermocouple, photo transistors, and some 3 wire hook up cable!

Thermocouple probe and desoldering needles both took three weeks to arrive.

2/5/10PCS 3.3V 2.4GHz PA ESP-12E ESP8266 Remote Serial WIFI Transceiver Module

0.5V 100mA Mini Solar Panel Solar Cells Photovoltaic Panels For Battery Charger

5PCS 3DU5C Metal Package Silicon NPN Phototransistor Transistor Triode

22awg tinned copper...


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Tags: transistors

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  1. Date: September 2, 2018 at 00:17
    Author: peppiino

    Solar tracker with servo, that's a nice idea. Let's do it, I'll wait!

  2. Date: September 2, 2018 at 00:56

    I have 1 or maybe 2 sellers than can get 80% of orders down here in under 12 days and I bias towards them, but I occasionally try others to find another fast one when things are cheaper or not urgent.
    If something is urgent I will order 2 items from different sellers just in case one is slow, because the extra cost is negligible compared to getting things fast on the occasions you need them fast.

  3. Date: September 2, 2018 at 01:29
    Author: GnuReligion

    Got some of those CD4066 chips last year … but have not used them yet. Maybe a stereo source switch?
    Could not pull the trigger on desoldering tubes. Until I get a real vacuum hot-tip rig, will trudge on with ceramic tweezers and pliers.
    Have built up dev boards with that same model of ESP8266 … will send you notes if interested. Was not simple. It is OH SO MUCH easier to use the WeMos boards. The pin spacing on them is not PCB standard. Maybe you can make a WiFi sniffer with an OLED.

  4. Date: September 5, 2018 at 16:20
    Author: nobodybodybody

    I have trouble with those needles, there isn't usually enough space between the legs and the wall of the hole to get a needle in. They work pretty well when they do fit, though.

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