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LED display billboard P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen

LED display billboard P10 SMD Outdoor LED Screen

Led Outdoor Digital Billboards PH10 Led Advertising Screens With Meanwell Power Supply

With high resolution of 10000 pixels on one square meter, outdoor P10 LED Digital Billboards feature a palette of over 281 trillion colors. Combine that with the convenient front-accessed solution of Ocolour’s 10mm led technique to produce vivid and colorful images in virtually any lighting environments.

1. Power supply: Meanwell
Meanwell is brand from Taiwan of China. She is a industrial-leading firm in switching power supply all over the world. We Ocolour only select Meanwell as our first supplier of led advertising screens if you do not appoint your own power supply provider.

2. Front-accessed billboard
With hydraulic pressure system, P10 led digital billboards are front-accessed designed. It carries great convenience when service work is needed.

3. Cabinet size can be customized
For PH10 led billboard, following led modules are available:
(1) W 160 x H 160 mm;...


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