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LCD LCR T4 ATmega328 Digital Transistor Tester Capacity ESR Mete…

LCD LCR T4 ATmega328 Digital Transistor Tester Capacity ESR Mete...

Digital Transistor Tester LCR-T4 ATmega328 LCD ESR Meter

Do you have a drawer full of old diodes? transistors? capacitors and resistors?

Would you like some way to find out their value quickly and with ease?

While multi-meters are helpful, this transistor tester provides exact description for the pin-outs on your transistors.

brand new, sealed, in package, never opened

LCD LCR T4 ATmega328 Digital Transistor Tester Capacity ESR Meter

1. Add boot voltage detection function
2. Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, N -channel and P-channel MOSFET, diodes (including dual diode), thyristors, transistors, resistors and capacitors and other components
3. Automatic test out the pin element and displayed on the LCD
4. Can be detected to determine the transistor emitter forward bias voltage of the transistor, MOSFET protection diode and the amplification factor of the base
5. Measure the gate threshold voltage and gate capacitance of the MOSFET
6. 1602 lcd display uses...


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  1. Date: July 17, 2017 at 20:00
    Author: electero farsi

    most of your test were wrong why?
    i belive the one with blue botten s are week

  2. Date: November 17, 2017 at 07:48
    Author: stclairstclair

    Hello, Buy the newer case that has battery room, it works and will protect your baby, i've sacrificed the surface mount tester pad and installed 3 mini hook test leads, I used the surface pad contacts for the test leads, i've also added a barrel plug that disconnects the battery when plugged in, as this unit sucks down batteries fast.

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