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Kenwood Telecom – the leaders in infrastructure products for the…

Kenwood Telecom - the leaders in infrastructure products for the...

Since 1980, Kenwood Telecom Corp has been designing and manufacturing infrastructure products for the wireless industry.

From Lattice Tower Components to Monopole Components, and from Rooftop and Wall Components to Cable Support Accessories, Kenwood Telecom provides products for every type of wireless site imaginable.

Kenwood Telecom's Lattice Tower Components include:

1: Sector Frames
2: Cable Ladder
3: Stand-offs
4: Dish Mounts & Adapters
5: Pipe Mounts
6: Stiff Arms / Tiebacks
7: Ice Shields
8: Leg Clamps

Kenwood Telecom's Monopole Components include:

1: Monopole Platforms
2: T-Arms (Single Pipe Support Arms)
3: Double Pipe Support Arms
4: Other Stand-off Arms
5: Chain Mounts
6: Ring Mounts
7: Monopole Accessories

Kenwood Telecom's Rooftop & Wall Components include:

1: Non-Penetrating Roof Mounts
2: Penetrating Roof Mounts
3: Rooftop Bridge Kits
4: Aluminum Cable Tray
5: Wall Mounts
6: Wall Bridge Kits

Kenwood Telecom's Cable Support...


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