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IoT#9 How to hand solder SMD and Through-Hole components assembl…

IoT#9 How to hand solder SMD and Through-Hole components assembl...

In today’s video, we are going to assemble one of our new Main PCBs we had manufacture by Seeed Studio. First, we’ll solder on the surface mount devices. The TI-Burr Brown DAC has the smallest pin pitch of all our SMDs; measuring in at whopping 0.65mm pin pitch. The Abracon varistor (in a 0603 package) is the smallest of our SMD components we’ll solder today. Second, we’ll solder on all the through-hole components. These are the jacks, connectors and terminal blocks. The last device we’ll solder on is our big toroid inductor. It is the only through-hole electronic device on the board.

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