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How to test Transistors with multimeter

How to test Transistors with  multimeter

You are watching MHB Channel01 on you tube.In this 5:14 Minutes video i have showed you how to test NPN & PNP transistor with analog multimeter. Under test NPN Transistor having number of C945 and PNP A1015. The pin connections of both transistors are as under: If you hold any one transistor in you hand as its terminals placed towards ground. Terminal at your right hand is base and on left hand is emitter,base is placed at middle. Place black prob on base terminal and red probe connected with collector and emitter one by one.Meter will show low resistance by movement of needle on scale. which is indication of both junctions are in forward biased.Change the probes and meter will show NO deflection.Which is indication of reverse bias.Now open the base terminal and connect both probes across emitter and collector terminals.meter will show No deflection which is indication of NO leakage current.It shows that transistor is in good condition and able to use.Whole procedure and...


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  1. Date: December 27, 2017 at 21:16
    Author: Arslan Ahmad

    Sir please make videos in english or with english subtitles in order to students of neighboring countries may understand and can get benifit from this knowlidge…..

  2. Date: April 11, 2018 at 13:56
    Author: dokan pandora

    sir please make a video on how to read hfe in analog. Thank you sir. please sir in english

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