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How to test electronic components using Multimeter

How to test electronic components using Multimeter

You are watching MHB Channel01 on you tube.In this 14:37 Minutes video i have showed you testing of radio components.First of all i will show you the testing of resistors,capacitor,Transistor NPN&PNP after that SCR &Triac using analog multimeter. This video is helpful for beginners as well as senior students & general viewers.
Resistor & capacitor Testing:
First of all Selected the meter in ohmic range and adjusted zero adjustment using zero adjustment knob provided on meter.selected the appropriate measuring range and connected both terminals across the under going test resistor.and calculated the value using formula below mentioned:
Required value = indicated value * measuring range(selector value)
First of all i have measured resistor having value 100 ohm.For this purpose i have selected measuring range having 10 and connected the probes with components.i got indicated value 10 by moving needle on scale . So both values putting in the formula, the result is 10*10=100 ohm. In...


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