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How to calculate the value of SMD resistors in tamil | students …

How to calculate the value of SMD resistors in tamil | students ...

how to calculate the value of resistor in tamil

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this video tells about how to calculate the values of smd resistors in tamil ..

In this system the first two or three digits indicate the numerical resistance value of the resistor and the last digit gives a multiplier. The number of the last digit indicates the power of ten by which to multiply the given resistor value. Here are some examples of values under this system:

450 = 45? x 100 is 45?
273 = 27? x 103 is 27,000? (27k?)
7992 = 799? x 102 is 79,900? (79.9k?)
1733 = 173? x 103 is 173,000? (173k?)
The letter “R” is used to indicate the position of a decimal point for resistance values lower than 10 ohms. Thus, 0R5 would be 0.5? and 0R01 would be 0.01?.

The EIA-96 System
Higher precision resistors, combined with the decreasing sizes of resistors, have created the need to have a new, more compact marking...


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  1. Date: September 10, 2018 at 00:59
    Author: Jeeva Kannan

    Bro nenga yendh year nan 1 st year padikkiran nan tamil medium padichen yennala 1 st sem nalla yeludha mudiyuma

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    Author: Jeeva Kannan

    Thanks bro but fulla englishla pesumbodhu puriya mattukkudhu bro

  3. Date: September 11, 2018 at 16:21
    Author: Re R

    Hi friend , the answer is 0.055 OHM

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