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How To Burn Bootloader Onto ATMEGA328P-AU(SMD) | Homemade ARDUIN…

How To Burn Bootloader Onto ATMEGA328P-AU(SMD) | Homemade ARDUIN...

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In This video we will be making an Arduino MINI from scratch.
The procedure shown in this video can be used to make any arduino boards for your custom project requirements.

In this two part video I will show you how to burn bootloader onto a Brand new atmeg328 Chip and then we will test if the Board is working properly by programming a test code.

The main Point in making this video is to learn how to use the atmega 328p-au chip as a standalone device for projects like wearable electronics, compact portable devices, etc.

I made the Arduino Board In this video(SMD SOLDERING):

Arduino UNO making Video:

PCB Design Video:

I am using arduino NANO as the AVR programmer by uploading the ArduinoISP Sketch.
Then I am using CP2102 USB to TTL module to upload the code everytime and for the Serial communication between...


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