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How can Solar Panels run 3AC Motor and heavy loads | Off Grid S…

How can Solar Panels run 3AC Motor and heavy loads  | Off Grid S...

This video is second in the series of visuals showing Off-Grid Solar plant capable of running heavy loads including Air conditions, Submersible pumps, Microwave, water gysers and all other household as well as industrial loads including Washing machine, Juicer Mixer,Ffans, Tubes and TV.
Yes we can run AC by Solar panels!
This project is installed at the outskirts of City, having a poor grid condition. So the
Power produced by solar panels is stored in batteries and can be used later.

On the other had On-Grid Solar system exports all the energy to grid which is further adjusted in electricity bill through a bi-meter or net meter.

Another upcoming system is net metering with battery backup or the HYBIRD Solar System.

The System Consists of following components:
•Sukam Solar-i 10kva Inverter
•Sukam Solar Charge Controller MPPT 180v/60amp
•Sukam 15nos. Batteries 200ah/12v
•SUNFUEL 28nos. Monocrystelin 340w panels
•G.I. Structure with Installation and complete...


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