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High Temperature characterization of 1 2 kV SiC power semiconduc…

High Temperature characterization of 1 2 kV SiC power semiconduc...

This presentation will dicuss the high temperature characterization of state-of-the-art 1.2 kV silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor transistors, including the MOSFET, BJT, SJT, and normally-on and normally-off JFETs. Both commercial and sample devices from the semiconductor industry's well-known manufacturers were evaluated in this study. These manufacturers include: Cree Inc., ROHM Semiconductor, General Electric, Fairchild Semiconductor, GeneSiC Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, and SemiSouth Laboratories. Static characterization of each device was performed from 25 ºC to 200 ºC. Dynamic characterization was also conducted through a series of double-pulse tests. Accordingly, this presentation will detail the experimental setup used and the different measurements conducted, such as specific on-resistance and the turn on and turn off switching energies. For the latter, the driving method used for each device is described.


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