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HD- Count Past 1 Million with 10 Fingers – Binary Fingers and Tr…

HD- Count Past 1 Million with 10 Fingers - Binary Fingers and Tr...

Change settings to HD. This is part of the Art of the Hidden Leaves - Over It are 19 Series. Please watch the previous video here:

In this video, I show you how to count past 1 Million using only your ten fingers. And that is through the logic of Binary Fingers.

Thus, you will be able to count binary numbers after you've watched this video which is an important Logical System and this will be related to Section 2. You will see once we get there inshaAllah.

There's enormous amounts of content to come. So stay tuned for the upcoming videos by subscribing. If you have, then please be patient. Indeed, Allah - GOD is with the Patient-ones.

My objective is to upload 1 video per month. These videos are very complicated to make. Therefore, I'll do my best to upload as soon as I can. I appreciate your understanding and patience.

Salaam and may Allah's blessings be upon the believers

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  1. Date: December 3, 2017 at 10:36
    Author: Tubby Hinawy

    Asalaam Aleikum Akhi. MashaAllah. Thank U for taking some of us out of Darkness. May Allah SubhanawataaLla increase ur knowledge and keep u safe.

  2. Date: December 3, 2017 at 19:22
    Author: Agi Ko

    Now I finally got it ! PEACE sign = 6 !!!

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