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  1. Date: January 7, 2018 at 23:20
    Author: RPKVids

    Very therapeutic video!

    I did a soldering course in the early 90's, I still sometimes solder now on the rare occasion when something needs to be repaired, which is usually replacing analogue stick mechs that have worn out on controllers.

  2. Date: January 8, 2018 at 19:54
    Author: TheLastPost

    I'm only 15mins in but what you need M is to use flux at every stage. Dab some flux on the land (pad) as you don't know how long the board has been in storage for and has prob oxidised. Tin the land as you did, add another dab of flux to the tinned land, add the component and bring in the iron to just touch the end of the component. The flux will flow the tinned land nicely. SMD soldering needs very little solder, it's all in the fluxing baby! Lol, I see you brought out the flux and noticed the difference 🙂
    Tip 2, use a finger to hold down the errant IC chips from moving. I'd only tin one land in one corner not two so the chip lays flat. Oh and use flux so it flows nicely on each leg
    Tip 3, try to use a tip that's the same size as the land (pad) you're going to solder. My fave is a chisel tip. Oh and use flux 😉
    Forgive me if I'm telling you to suck eggs, I'll watch the rest now 🙂

  3. Date: January 8, 2018 at 20:02
    Author: TheLastPost

    Tip 4, the diodes. They didn't sit flat as you had tinned both lands, better would have been to only tin one. Dab more flux on then add the diode and heat. Because of adding more flux after the tinning you don't need to add solder to the mix when you add the iron. Your just flowing the tinned solder to the component and activating the flux. Hope the makes sense. And yes because of the shape and size of the diode, then yes you can add more solder to the land in the first instance so it flows up the barrel ends to form a nice fillet

  4. Date: January 8, 2018 at 20:16
    Author: TheLastPost

    Tip 5, if you do tin both pads then use two soldering irons to melt the solder at the same time. No seriously that's the way to do it, oh and flux the pads after tinning remember. I say this because the active ingredients in the flux you first applied has been used up as you tinned the pad. To flow the tinned solder nicely in making the solder join, a fresh dab of flux is needed

  5. Date: January 8, 2018 at 20:25
    Author: TheLastPost

    Tip 6, there is a tip that has a dished section in it and this is used to 'drag solder' over IC legs and that is like magic. You load up the dish (bowl) with some solder and as the name suggests 'drag solder' over, again always use flux on the legs to pre wet them as any flux in the solder is being burnt off as you load it up.

    Tip7, did I mention flux was your friend lol 😉 I'll get my coat.. great attempt M, you're coming on!

  6. Date: January 9, 2018 at 16:03
    Author: SpiderEyes

    You seem to be getting better with your soldering. I've managed to find those boards on eBay so am looking at getting a couple. I have bought some bits for a project I don't want to screw up, so practise boards look like a good idea 😀

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