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DAC 2016 | Keynote: Biological Electronics: Merging Life’s Trans…

DAC 2016 | Keynote: Biological Electronics: Merging Life's Trans...

53rd Design Automation Conference
Keynote Talk for Thursday, June 9, 2016
Speaker: Kenneth Shepard, Columbia Univ.

Silicon integrated circuits based on CMOS technology form the basis for complex electronic systems with more than 10 billion transistors in a single chip. As the scaling of solid-state devices through Moore’s Law reaches an end and there is a search to expand the capabilities of CMOS technology to new applications through the addition of new materials (“more than Moore”), biological components represent a largely untapped opportunity. Living systems have lipid bilayer membranes, which act as capacitors, storing charge as ionic gradients across these membranes. Proteins that permeate these membranes (transmembrane proteins) are versatile biological electronic devices, controlling ion flow through the membrane. These proteins can harvest energy from the environment (and store this energy as electrochemical potentials) and can sense the environment (other...


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  1. Date: November 27, 2017 at 05:21
    Author: Billy Manchisi

    He is English and german. Told me he got students expelled for cheating. He doesn't work out at new York sports clubs anymore. Ken Shepard is a great guy. On most of his videos comments are disabled. Not fair. I went to NY Presbyterian. Andrew Cuomo is the governor of new York. NY Presbyterian is associated with Columbia and cornell university. Linda Rayor is an entomologist. I should have not gotten in trouble over youtube comments.

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