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BSIDE ESR02PRO Digital Transistor SMD Components Tester Diode Tr…

BSIDE ESR02PRO Digital Transistor SMD Components Tester Diode Tr...

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The instrument is a small electronic enthusiasts, developers, electronic maintenance and production plant research and development of small instruments. Can be measured in-line devices, but also test chip devices, can be measured a variety of diodes, transistors,MOS tube; can determine the device type, the polarity of the pin, the output HFE, valve voltage, the junction capacitance of the FET, measurable capacitance and resistance. Features:
1. Two key operation, automatic shutdown. 2. A key operation, boot test, a key to get. 3. Automatically test the pin elements and display them on the LCD. 4.1602 LCD screen with LCD (12864 LCD backlight). 5. Test speed, active ingredient test: 2 seconds (in addition to the larger capacitor capacitance measurement also takes a long time, the measurement time is one minute is normal). 6. Only 20na off current. 7. Automatic detection of NPN, PNP bipolar...


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