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Bluetooth Car Dvd Player Stereo Radio Audio Wince

Bluetooth Car Dvd Player Stereo Radio Audio Wince

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I will briefly review the stand overall, but my main goal is to share additional measurement info because it's theater, and a couple inches can really matter for your components...

The stand:
Build Quality: Acceptable, not impressive. It will look nice in the room, under scrutiny tell high-quality The wooden end pieces are hollow, and I see small gaps in their black treatment that show through. Do overtighten anything! The anchors are threading into are just little inserts in the porous, weak, they be easily stripped from the and ruined. Snug is fine, strength will come the completed structure. (3/5)

Assembly: No damaged or missing parts on arrival. are well labeled, instructions are foolproof. The orientation of the and the shelves and the diagrams change perspective step to At the beginning of each be to correctly identify both the TOP/BOTTOM and FRONT/BACK before starting. I consider myself at least average at assembling this...


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