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Alphatron Tristar 4 Bicolor oncamera Smd Led light

Alphatron Tristar 4 Bicolor oncamera Smd Led light

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Bi-color on-camera The with 3200k to 5600k balance is an ideal addition to any camcorder, video capable Dslr or Eng-style The High-brightness technology (3 sources per module instead of the usual 1) provides an enormous bundle of with great dimming control (100-10%) and smooth from Tungsten to Day, or anywhere in between. Together with the detachable metal barn door and diffusion filter you create the perfect ing conditions for your shoot. Features: 96 long life High-brightness s Robust but weight and compact design without noticeable shift to Easily mounts on cameras, stands or handheld Powered bypin Mini Xlr or Sony Np-f Battery Specification: temperature: Beam angle: 120 rendering: 85 approx. 10.000 hours draw: 12w Operating time: 1 (based on 100% with Np-f570) input: (e.g. or Np-f970) Xlr-: 5v Dc to 18v Dc Included: Detachable & ballhead with Œ"camera screw D-tap to cable


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