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AEM CDI part four – new transistors it works now

AEM CDI part four - new transistors it works now

I've bought new transistors that are in charge for coils, in previous video we saw that number four transistor was dead and it was creating shortcut and burning the main fuse, I've changed all four and unit now works like before/new, with exception that now all six are fixed to heat sink - cooler like they should come from AEM and not being isolated with piece of cardboard/paper what we found in part three...very very disappointed in AEM, and to mention two weeks passed by and still no answer on my emails about that paper, they keep ignoring me !


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  1. Date: November 30, 2016 at 11:44

    Hello Emil!

    I also have a CDI Twin Fire. To ask that after the repair works well? The description "Energy Storage Caps: 2" but in reality only one. Do you think you can be converted to two capacitor?

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