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5 Cool TRANSISTOR Projects Using NPN & PNP Transistor (2018) | B…

5 Cool TRANSISTOR Projects Using NPN & PNP Transistor (2018) | B...

Hey, In this video I will show you How easily you can make 5 simple electronics projects using general purpose NPN and PNP Transistors.
For demonstration I use BC 547 (NPN) and BC 557 (PNP) Transistor but you can use any NPN or PNP Transistor that you have. Make sure to check the pin configuration from it's datasheet.

Components List ~
1. BC 547 & BC 557 Transistor
'2. LED
3. LDR
4. Resistor - 100,220,330,1k,10k,100k
5. Capacitors - 10uf, 47uf, 100uf
6. Battery 5v
7. Breadboard and wires

Circuit Diagrams :

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