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2D Field Effect Transistor (FET) for Sub-5 nm Technology Node

2D Field Effect Transistor (FET)  for Sub-5 nm Technology Node

I am going to discuss the next generation of devices that will revitalize Moore’s law and enable sub-5 nm technology. Specifically, I would like to talk about two-dimensional field-effect transistors. I would argue that these materials are a strong candidate for sub-5 nm technology nodes.


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  1. Date: September 15, 2016 at 12:45
    Author: Hasan Raza

    Thanxx for nice presentation.

    What is the feature size (Technology node)?
    I am getting confused about feature size, technology node, half pitch and node.
    How we can define these terms in a single MOSFET?
    Can you please give me good reference or material?

  2. Date: October 21, 2016 at 06:23
    Author: b

    I wonder if more succeptible to external forces like electricity or magnetism or micro waves etc… Since it is so small i wonder if the lifespan and the reliability would be the same as higher powered beefier nodes which run nonstop servers. So small seems more likely to more reliability problems and probably harder to make than bigger nodes which are easier to make. Anything that can save power and faster is worth it as long as its reliable. Cant wait till graphics cards are so good that we wont need to buy them anymore. Wonder if that will be within the next ten years as of now we need gpu cards to run higher end games so maybe in 10 years gpus can be soldered onto the motherboards or smaller. I doubt it since people are running like 3 gpu cards on a gaming system i cant imagine how 3 gpu cards could at this time be put into a pc mobo.

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