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2015 NISSAN Pathfinder – Dual Head Restraint DVD System (if so e…

2015 NISSAN Pathfinder - Dual Head Restraint DVD System (if so e...

"If your vehicle is equipped with the Theater Package with the Dual Head Restraint DVD System, you and your passengers can enjoy up to three different audio or video sources at the same time.

The system components are:
? the front center display screen,
? the two rear displays on the back of the front head restraints,
? a remote controller,
? two headphones,
? and the rear auxiliary jacks on the back of the center console.

The front display is not available while the vehicle is moving and the remote controller cannot be used in the front seat. To view images in the front seat, the shift lever must be in the PARK position and the parking brake applied.

Sources connected to the rear auxiliary jacks can only be viewed on the rear display screens. Before connecting a device to a jack, turn off the power on the portable device.

These are the wireless headphones for the rear passengers. Push this switch to turn the headphones on or off. Slide this switch to the left or...


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  1. Date: May 6, 2016 at 22:05
    Author: George V

    Does the DVD disc get inserted in the front console or in the headrest?

  2. Date: October 15, 2016 at 13:44
    Author: liyan Eby

    U stupid lady I have a pathfinder and I can use the front screen WHILE THE vehicle is moving obviously it works or else we have to stop each time to turn it on but still it can turn on all the screens can

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